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Kinky Threeway

woman in fetish clothing and high heels gives blowjob to one man with her hands tied behind her while another man fucks her from the rear

Japanese Dog Fucker

It’s vintage, it’s shunga, it’s art — and it’s still dogfucking:

asian beastiality art

Cruel Blowjob

A handful of hair in one hand, a brutal whip in the other, and a happy penis (with unhappy girl) in the middle:

brutal BDSM blowjob art

Via Spanking Blog.

Two Dwarves

Who knew dwarves could be so, er, big? I love the old vintage sex parodies of the oh-so-pure cartoons:

two dirty dwarves and their fairest one of all

She may be the fairest one of all, but she’s not the purest!

Debauched Monk

This looks like something straight out of the Marquis de Sade. A debauched monk or friar whips one poor girl while another sits between his knees polishing his knob:

friar blowjob administers a whipping

The artist is Aroldo Bonzagni (1887-1918).

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