1960s Pillow Fight

It’s hard to explain to giggling young women these days that good lingerie is what truly jazzes up a pillow fight:

two pinup models having a pillow fight in vintage lingerie

From Kinky Delight.

Vintage Oral Threesome

Victorian oral sex party on a boat:

boat sex threeway vintage

Vintage Picnic Sex

It’s not a real picnic unless it ends like this:

sex from behind on the picnic blanket

D Liver D Letter D Sooner D Better

It’s always good to be the bearer of good news. “It’s from my husband! He’s alive! And he’ll be home on the liner Queen of Turtles in just seven weeks!”

tipping the telegram delivery boy the old-fashioned way

Caned During A Blowjob

Gotta love the way this fellatrix is being “encouraged” by a woman who can’t keep her fingers out of her own pussy:

woman giving a blowjob is caned by another woman who is masturbating

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