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Genital Assistance?

I am not sure what the little genital people are supposed to be doing in this vintage shunga:

small people in the genital region

Wallpaper size: ( 1024×768 )

Anal Sex In The Bathroom

Some people worry that anal sex might be dirty. The Vintage Lust solution? Bend her over the tub!

anal sex in the bathtub

D Liver D Letter D Sooner D Better

It’s always good to be the bearer of good news. “It’s from my husband! He’s alive! And he’ll be home on the liner Queen of Turtles in just seven weeks!”

tipping the telegram delivery boy the old-fashioned way

Beaded Leather Panties

Now here’s an example of hippie handicrafts I can get behind:

hand made beaded leather thong hippy panties

From on UseNet.

Maybe you’d enjoy this in Windows wallpaper sizes? (800×600, 1024×768)

Three Girls, One Blowjob

Ever get a blowjob from a girl with freckles? This guy did, with two of her handmaidens providing extra tongue:

man getting blowjob from three women



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