1960s Pillow Fight

It’s hard to explain to giggling young women these days that good lingerie is what truly jazzes up a pillow fight:

two pinup models having a pillow fight in vintage lingerie

From Kinky Delight.

Beaded Leather Panties

Now here’s an example of hippie handicrafts I can get behind:

hand made beaded leather thong hippy panties

From alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.vintage on UseNet.

Maybe you’d enjoy this in Windows wallpaper sizes? (800×600, 1024×768)

Dirty Basement Bondage Sex

Talk about squalid! Spread wide on a dirty mattress, dirty feet, flaking paint, tight ropes. How long has she been there?

vintage sex bondage

Lesbians Kissing

Why, oh why, do they have their panties yanked up into their personal crevices? Is this some sort of prehistoric thong trend?

two lesbians kissing passionately

Loving Lesbians

Nice vintage lesbian love image. Although I confess, I’m confused about the pencil in the belly button:

two loving lesbians

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