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Shunga Queef

A “queef”, as all good perverts know, is the fart-like sound of air escaping from a woman’s pussy, usually after vigorous sex has gotten her “all pumped up”. But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one visually depicted before. Trust the Japanese:

queefing pussy

Wallpaper size: ( 1024×768 )

Genital Assistance?

I am not sure what the little genital people are supposed to be doing in this vintage shunga:

small people in the genital region

Wallpaper size: ( 1024×768 )

Japanese Dog Fucker

It’s vintage, it’s shunga, it’s art — and it’s still dogfucking:

asian beastiality art

Bondage Sex Shunga

According to Forced Woman by way of Bondage Blog, this scene of a well-dressed woman tied in the woods for sex by a scruffy man with a sword is a nineteenth century shunga (Japanese woodblock print) by famous artist Kunisada, from his series: shunka shuto shiki no nagame (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: Prospects for the Four Seasons):

shunga showing samurai rape of a Japanese woman in bondage

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