Nudist Lesbians Playing Tag

summer naked lesbians playing tag outdoors

Blowjob In The Woods

kneeling at his feet with his pants down so she can suck him off

Offering You Some Breasts

A chance encounter in the forest: “Hey, fellow, you got anything I could squeeze between these?”

woman squeezing her boobs and showing them off in the woods

Smoking Blowjob

I suspect this photograph shows (or is intended to suggest) a prostitute giving a quick blowjob in a public park. The combination of outdoor setting, street clothes, and especially the cigarette still held in the hand holding his penis, seem telling:

hooker giving a blowjob in the park

Rear Entry Outdoor Sex

Is it just me, or does the bent-over lady look just a bit pissed off about the photographic interruption?

sex outdoors

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