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Rear Entry Outdoor Sex

Is it just me, or does the bent-over lady look just a bit pissed off about the photographic interruption?

sex outdoors

Two Japanese Sex Photos

More brothel porn? I’m not sure. But we have two photos in this set featuring a very pretty Japanese woman and an anonymous man:

rampant penis ready to fuck

doggy style sex in japan

Take Of Your Shirt!

This sex scene looks downright stuffy, with our man still in his uniform shirt with all the buttons, and her with her big hat:

uniformed man rogering away

Man With Two Women

This looks a lot like the brothel-porn that used to come back from Japan and Okinawa shortly after World War II:

two japanese women with a possible client

Bondage Sex Shunga

According to Forced Woman by way of Bondage Blog, this scene of a well-dressed woman tied in the woods for sex by a scruffy man with a sword is a nineteenth century shunga (Japanese woodblock print) by famous artist Kunisada, from his series: shunka shuto shiki no nagame (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: Prospects for the Four Seasons):

shunga showing samurai rape of a Japanese woman in bondage

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