A Mask And A Handjob

One think that’s hot about vintage porn is that sometimes, it carries within itself evidence of the social risk that went along with making the stuff. Masks crop up from time to time in vintage porn, but they were particularly common in taboo scenarios featuring socially disapproved racial pairings:

masked woman giving a hand job

Bed Sitting

I like the way she is smiling at the camera while he looks distracted and very very busy. Speculation: she’d like to make the photographer happy and collect her pay, whilst he — from the look of things — is working for a more immediate reward.

seated sex on the bed

Phone Sex

Two guys, one girl, and an old-fashioned heavy black plastic rotary-dial telephone, in the bed. What’s he doing, ordering out for a post-coital pizza?

guy on phone during sex

Anal Sex In Bondage

Some more vintage bondage from the old black-and-white magazines. Roped up for anal sex, gagged, and looking as if the lube is insufficient:

bondage and anal sex

Vintage Pussy And Heels

Big breasts, high heels, and blatant pussy exposure — what’s not to like?

vintage pussy spread wide

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