Phone Sex

Two guys, one girl, and an old-fashioned heavy black plastic rotary-dial telephone, in the bed. What’s he doing, ordering out for a post-coital pizza?

guy on phone during sex

Hairy Chest Plus Two Women

Here’s a happy guy with a lot of chest hair, trying to keep two women busy:

three way between hairy chested man and two women

Sixty Nine

This photograph embodies the best of vintage erotica, in that it’s both very old and very raunchy. Sixty-nine at its kinky ancient best:

sixty nine cunnilingus and fellatio

However, I still think it sounds more poetic in French: soixante neuf, baby!

Picture is from Pussy Amour, where you’ll find a much larger version.

Vintage Orgy

What an astonishing fleshpile! You can’t tell the players without a program, but here’s what I see: One very busy man being fellated by a woman whilst another is rimming him, or at least licking his bottom. Meanwhile, he’s got a third girl up in the air where he’s licking her pussy. She, in turn, rests on the shoulders of another person (man?) who is having his (?) anal region licked by woman #4. These people take their orgies seriously!

vintage orgy

Bathtub Blowjob

Good thing she’s in the bathtub, I think her face is about to require washing:

a blowjob in the bubble bath

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