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Three Girls, One Blowjob

Ever get a blowjob from a girl with freckles? This guy did, with two of her handmaidens providing extra tongue:

man getting blowjob from three women

From Vintage Taboo.

Cruel Blowjob

A handful of hair in one hand, a brutal whip in the other, and a happy penis (with unhappy girl) in the middle:

brutal BDSM blowjob art

Via Spanking Blog.

Old Sex Postcard

I wish this was bigger:

old sex postcard

Naked Human Sandwich

I’m impressed by how three people can get this close while still showing off all of their parts:

raunchy vintage threesome

Thar He Blows

Penis triumphant!

happy penis

I assume “Feliz Ano” makes this a Happy New Year card.

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