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Sex With An Edge

Vintage sex art, but if you look twice, you’ll notice a whip…

sex art by G N Peter

Artist is G.N. Peter.

Doggy Style Couch Sex

Some nice vintage rear entry boinking:

doggy style

Bed Sitting

I like the way she is smiling at the camera while he looks distracted and very very busy. Speculation: she’d like to make the photographer happy and collect her pay, whilst he — from the look of things — is working for a more immediate reward.

seated sex on the bed

Phone Sex

Two guys, one girl, and an old-fashioned heavy black plastic rotary-dial telephone, in the bed. What’s he doing, ordering out for a post-coital pizza?

guy on phone during sex

Anal Sex In Bondage

Some more vintage bondage from the old black-and-white magazines. Roped up for anal sex, gagged, and looking as if the lube is insufficient:

bondage and anal sex

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