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A Nude Woman For The Plucking

The picture itself is demure, but the concept is dirty in a very lusty and very French sort of way:

pick yourself a woman-flower

Bathing Beauty, Va Voom!

This is the “bathing beauty” archetype, plus extra tasty vitamins! All I can say about this bathing beauty (in a changing room at the beach?) is “why didn’t that bathing suit style ever catch on?” Bikini? Shmikini! Bring back the one-piece!

bathing beauty

J.A. Paris, Serie 040.

Vintage Pussy And Heels

Big breasts, high heels, and blatant pussy exposure — what’s not to like?

vintage pussy spread wide

Big Hair Seduction

You could call this picture a celebration of hair. But don’t be too long about it, this woman wants your attention and she wants it now!

nude black woman shows her pussy in seductive fashion

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