Cruel Blowjob

A handful of hair in one hand, a brutal whip in the other, and a happy penis (with unhappy girl) in the middle:

brutal BDSM blowjob art

Via Spanking Blog.

Bondage Sucking

Some people like to see what they are putting in their mouths. Some people don’t get that option:

blindfolded and sucking dick while tied up

From Bondage Blog.

Sucking Hard

blowjob by woman with big eyebrows

Juicy Blowjob

This blowjob is a dramatic study in contrasting colors:

blonde gives juicy blowjob to black man

Smoking Blowjob

I suspect this photograph shows (or is intended to suggest) a prostitute giving a quick blowjob in a public park. The combination of outdoor setting, street clothes, and especially the cigarette still held in the hand holding his penis, seem telling:

hooker giving a blowjob in the park

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