Bondage Sex Shunga

According to Forced Woman by way of Bondage Blog, this scene of a well-dressed woman tied in the woods for sex by a scruffy man with a sword is a nineteenth century shunga (Japanese woodblock print) by famous artist Kunisada, from his series: shunka shuto shiki no nagame (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: Prospects for the Four Seasons):

shunga showing samurai rape of a Japanese woman in bondage

Lesbian Nuns Bookplate

Lesbian nuns licking each other on an erotic bookplate that says: “Ex Libris S. Golifman”, as found on Erosblog:

nuns in habits licking pussy

Lesbian Strapon Sex

Apparently using a strap-on dildo has a long and venerable history:

two lesbians with dildo and harness

Two Pussies

I really like this pair of happy ladies delightedly displaying their pussies:

women exposing their cunts and smiling

Expectant Bride

She’s getting undressed and she looks ready to claim her marital privileges. The stockings are coming off, but what do you want to bet she’s still wearing those immaculate white gloves when she cries out in the throes of her first married orgasm?

new and eager bride getting undressed for married sex