Big Hair Seduction

You could call this picture a celebration of hair. But don’t be too long about it, this woman wants your attention and she wants it now!

nude black woman shows her pussy in seductive fashion

Debauched Monk

This looks like something straight out of the Marquis de Sade. A debauched monk or friar whips one poor girl while another sits between his knees polishing his knob:

friar blowjob administers a whipping

The artist is Aroldo Bonzagni (1887-1918).

Vintage Street Blowjob

I love the posing in this vintage photograph. It’s impromptu — the man’s just getting out of a car — and yet it’s not quite, because somebody put down a coat or a shirt to protect the woman’s knees:

blowjob beside a car

Sucking A Man In Bondage

It’s hard to feel too sorry for this fellow. Sure, he’s tied up, and Dominatrix #1 is wielding a bloody big bamboo-looking cane. But he’s clearly enjoying the oral attentions of Dominatrix #2:

man getting a bondage blowjob

Penis Anticipation

From the happy look on this girl’s face, you know she’s really looking forward to a taste:

happy woman smiling at an erect penis