Rear Entry Outdoor Sex

Is it just me, or does the bent-over lady look just a bit pissed off about the photographic interruption?

sex outdoors

Penis Between Breasts

Here’s a penis that looks much loved and well cared for:

titty fucking with a kiss for the tip

Tied Sex

Another lobby card, this one for “Ruined”. Like the movie poster says, “it’s daring and sensational.”

bound and about to be ravished by a man wearing jocky shorts

She’s tied face down on the bed and a man in his underwear is kissing her! Gasp! She’s ruined, all right!

Two Japanese Sex Photos

More brothel porn? I’m not sure. But we have two photos in this set featuring a very pretty Japanese woman and an anonymous man:

rampant penis ready to fuck

doggy style sex in japan

Loving Lesbians

Nice vintage lesbian love image. Although I confess, I’m confused about the pencil in the belly button:

two loving lesbians