Vintage Gay Blowjob

Because there’s lots of vintage gay porn, too:

gay blowjob and anal fingering

Anal Sex In Bondage

Some more vintage bondage from the old black-and-white magazines. Roped up for anal sex, gagged, and looking as if the lube is insufficient:

bondage and anal sex

Vintage Pussy And Heels

Big breasts, high heels, and blatant pussy exposure — what’s not to like?

vintage pussy spread wide

Hairy Chest Plus Two Women

Here’s a happy guy with a lot of chest hair, trying to keep two women busy:

three way between hairy chested man and two women

Two Dwarves

Who knew dwarves could be so, er, big? I love the old vintage sex parodies of the oh-so-pure cartoons:

two dirty dwarves and their fairest one of all

She may be the fairest one of all, but she’s not the purest!