Beaded Leather Panties

Now here’s an example of hippie handicrafts I can get behind:

hand made beaded leather thong hippy panties

From on UseNet.

Maybe you’d enjoy this in Windows wallpaper sizes? (800×600, 1024×768)

Three Girls, One Blowjob

Ever get a blowjob from a girl with freckles? This guy did, with two of her handmaidens providing extra tongue:

man getting blowjob from three women

From Vintage Taboo.

Domestic Blowjob Bliss

marital blowjob in happy marriage

Blowjob photography is by the Czech photographer and surrealist Styrsky Jindrich.

Caned During A Blowjob

Gotta love the way this fellatrix is being “encouraged” by a woman who can’t keep her fingers out of her own pussy:

woman giving a blowjob is caned by another woman who is masturbating

Japanese Dog Fucker

It’s vintage, it’s shunga, it’s art — and it’s still dogfucking:

asian beastiality art