Bed Sitting

I like the way she is smiling at the camera while he looks distracted and very very busy. Speculation: she’d like to make the photographer happy and collect her pay, whilst he — from the look of things — is working for a more immediate reward.

seated sex on the bed

Orgy, By Fendi

I’m not 100% certain that this artwork is by Peter Fendi, but it sure looks like it to me:

fendi orgy

Smoking Blowjob

I suspect this photograph shows (or is intended to suggest) a prostitute giving a quick blowjob in a public park. The combination of outdoor setting, street clothes, and especially the cigarette still held in the hand holding his penis, seem telling:

hooker giving a blowjob in the park

Phone Sex

Two guys, one girl, and an old-fashioned heavy black plastic rotary-dial telephone, in the bed. What’s he doing, ordering out for a post-coital pizza?

guy on phone during sex

Bathing Beauty, Va Voom!

This is the “bathing beauty” archetype, plus extra tasty vitamins! All I can say about this bathing beauty (in a changing room at the beach?) is “why didn’t that bathing suit style ever catch on?” Bikini? Shmikini! Bring back the one-piece!

bathing beauty

J.A. Paris, Serie 040.