A Nude Woman For The Plucking

The picture itself is demure, but the concept is dirty in a very lusty and very French sort of way:

pick yourself a woman-flower

Doggy Style Couch Sex

Some nice vintage rear entry boinking:

doggy style

Bedroom Bondage

This is a photographic lobby card for The Scissors Girl (“An Imperial Pictures, Inc. Release”).

woman tied half-nude and spread-eagled on a bed, being menaced by a man

Spread-eagled with bare (if censored) nipples, she’s got to be worried!

Marked SC5 on the negative.

Breast and Armpit

An artistic titty shot from the 1960s:

pretty black woman shows a breast

Santa In A Jeep

No lust, just vintage. Merry Christmas!

Santa Clause in a Jeep