Caned During A Blowjob

Gotta love the way this fellatrix is being “encouraged” by a woman who can’t keep her fingers out of her own pussy:

woman giving a blowjob is caned by another woman who is masturbating

Lesbians Kissing

Why, oh why, do they have their panties yanked up into their personal crevices? Is this some sort of prehistoric thong trend?

two lesbians kissing passionately

Bondage Plug Insertion

Masked man, shackled woman, shoving a plug home — rough vintage stuff!

rough bondage sex toy insertion

Bedroom Bondage

This is a photographic lobby card for The Scissors Girl (“An Imperial Pictures, Inc. Release”).

woman tied half-nude and spread-eagled on a bed, being menaced by a man

Spread-eagled with bare (if censored) nipples, she’s got to be worried!

Marked SC5 on the negative.

Expectant Bride

She’s getting undressed and she looks ready to claim her marital privileges. The stockings are coming off, but what do you want to bet she’s still wearing those immaculate white gloves when she cries out in the throes of her first married orgasm?

new and eager bride getting undressed for married sex

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