Take Of Your Shirt!

This sex scene looks downright stuffy, with our man still in his uniform shirt with all the buttons, and her with her big hat:

uniformed man rogering away

Autofellatio (With Anus Candles)

Perhaps this photo is not quite as “vintage” as most of what you’ll see here at Vintage Lust. (I’d guess it to be from the 1970s, from the color of the photography and from the room decor.) However, it has the transgressive zest that one finds in all the best “dirty pictures” going back to the invention of photography:

man sucking his own dick

I love the chutzpah of this scene. “What, you want me to stand on my head naked? Hell, I can do that. Shit, I can do that with half a dozen burning candles shoved up my ass while sucking my own cock!”

Fellatio By Fendi

This very nice “attention to the staff” is being paid in a bit of artwork by the prolific erotic artist Peter Fendi, and it dates from about the 1830s:

fendi fellatio art

Man With Two Women

This looks a lot like the brothel-porn that used to come back from Japan and Okinawa shortly after World War II:

two japanese women with a possible client

Love Cannon

Phallic much? Honey, you can dangle from the barrel of my field gun any old time:

nude girls with cannon

I believe this is the art from the front endpapers of a book called “Dutch Treat”.