A Mask And A Handjob

One think that’s hot about vintage porn is that sometimes, it carries within itself evidence of the social risk that went along with making the stuff. Masks crop up from time to time in vintage porn, but they were particularly common in taboo scenarios featuring socially disapproved racial pairings:

masked woman giving a hand job

Bondage Plug Insertion

Masked man, shackled woman, shoving a plug home — rough vintage stuff!

rough bondage sex toy insertion

Juicy Blowjob

This blowjob is a dramatic study in contrasting colors:

blonde gives juicy blowjob to black man

Sex With An Edge

Vintage sex art, but if you look twice, you’ll notice a whip…

sex art by G N Peter

Artist is G.N. Peter.

Face Shy, Pussy Friendly

An odd sort of shy, this girl:

shy girl showing off her cunt